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A Mothers Journey

My story is a little different than most.
My son Carleton and daughter-in-law Rachel created this amazing mushroom farm and I have been with them since the beginning.
I guess you could say I was a very willing Guinea pig.
Menopausal woman who had too many issues to count.
It all started for me with Lions Mane Cream. I was working a very stressful job and just kinda struggling, in general, to keep my head above water.
Back of the neck 2 times a day. Within 2 months I had comments from a co-worker and then from my kids.
My bubbly self was back.
As soon as we started making tinctures I switched over. I wanted the help for hormonal balancing. That took a few months and the result is simply amazing.
Hot flashes are gone...moodiness....gone. I have been using Lions Mane for 3 years now.  My daughter tells me often that I have "seriously mellowed".
A way I like to sum it up...I feel very "together" mentally.
Next came Agarikon Cream....antiviral.
Yes, it works...fighting colds off and not getting sick.
About a year ago we discovered that it can clear the sinuses for seasonal allergies. Yup....it works. You can actually feel your sinuses open as it works and you can breathe through your nose. A staple in my first aid supplies.
- Bev