Cultivating Connection with Compassion

Gruger Family Fungi is to the Edmonton community what mushrooms are to an ecological system - a sign of maturity; the final (yet crucial) key to share nutrients and integrate the whole, much like a mycelial network connects and cycles energy within and between ecosystems. As much as having access to quality nutrition, I appreciate the Grugers' steady presence in the regenerative living community. I regularly engage with Carleton or Rachel at meaningful events and share updates on how our mycelial family around Edmonton is strengthening.
The Grugers and their fungi offer me an inspiring sense of cooperation and ingenuity in family run business at the local level. How has their presence in Edmonton affected my day-to-day? Let me count the ways.
In a hands-on educational workshop weekend, the Carleton Gruger comprehensively taught about the entire mushroom cycle - all the way from the high tech farm in Leduc, to inoculation and installation in my local community Food Forest. I now grow Gruger Blue Oyster mycologs in my backyard and tend Lion's Mane, King Oyster and Shitake mushrooms with ease and great joy at harvest! 
The strongest sign that this family-run business is fuelling our local community? That apart from offering direct high-quality nutrition, they're also providing education and mycolog starter kits to share the wealth of abundance. In their world, growing mushrooms and building community clearly have everything in common. 
I believe in the benefits of growing and eating high-quality mushrooms. I'm delighted to find this level of nutrition at my preferred local grocer, Earth's General Store, in the shoulder growing seasons. Thank you to the Gruger Family Fungi for making them so fresh and accessible! 
Somehow the sparkle of ingenuity in Carleton Gruger's eye has gotten brighter over the last four years. It's the daily dose of cordyceps if you ask me.