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My bladder is as strong as it was in my twenties.

Reishi tincture...I have been taking Reishi tincture for about 6 months.
All I can say about Reishi is that I feel good inside since I've added it. Anti-cancer benefits plus so many more. Reishi will be part of my daily regime forever.

I have saved Cordyceps for last....why? Because the benefits are many!
When I started taking Cordyceps the initial benefit was and is energy.
It is important to take the time to find your dose because it is very unique for everyone. The energy is pure cellular energy, no high and no crash. No revving of your heart. You just feel good! Over time the energy has built to stamina and endurance.
Cordyceps also help your lungs, my allergies have lessened. They also help our bodies make elasticin. Something we make less of as we age. Where I notice this most is my bladder. Being a menopausal woman getting up at night to use the washroom could happen hourly. Not anymore! My bladder is as strong as it was in my twenties. My digestion has improved, my underactive thyroid has normalized. How do I know? All the weight I gained dealing with menopause for years is falling off. My appetite has changed. This has all happened naturally. I watch what I eat...am active and the rest is taking care of itself. As the weight comes off my skin is shrinking with it...it's amazing really. I feel good...inside.
There is no other way to say it.